Christian Behrenz

Date of Birth: 12.09.1975

Hometown: Panajachel / Guatemala

Glider: Independence – Garuda



Your sickest party-night?
Everything was going too well after a few Maases of Dunkles Bier in a Maifest when I lived in Munich, back in 2000. My dreams were about to come true … All the party was going ohhhh so well!! Next morning I woke up preocupied, I knew this was no dream, I had fucked all up!

Your worst flight?
Kiting at take off, feeling that I could touch tha sky, strong day, a thermal put me very high on a tree

Things beside flying?
Skateboarding, family, animals, painting

Roots rock reggae

Anything to say?
Don’t take yourself too seriously, CHEER UP MON!