Ondrej Prochazka

Date of Birth: 29.01.1986

Hometown:  Prag / Tschechien

Glider: aiR’G emilie wild 13 / 18

Mail: prochazka.andrew@gmail.com

Your sickest party-night?
A punk concert in Prague mid 1998, basically my sister and her friends doing everything to make me trashed. Worked out well for them :) Back then the punk scene in Prague was crazy.


Your worst flight?

Actually I enjoyed even the worst flights with a near death experience. The worst moment was probably hanging on a tree. I could not believe it :)


Things beside flying?

Heath, hapiness, becoming an artist of my life, filming and film production



Dub, dustep, reggae, dnb, chilled, classical etc


Anything to say?

Keep smiling, keep flying!